A Personal Note

Happy Easter to everyone!

I am looking forward to the success of this blog. Although it is in the beginning stages, I think it will evolve into something wonderful. I intend to have this blog survive it’s first year.

Thank you for reading my posts!

Here’s to the future!

Have a safe and joyous holiday.

Best regards,

Tish Knomey






Meaning: obvious, easy and clear to understand

Part of speech: adjective

Example: The full extent of her guilt was not evident until the murder weapon was found.

Try to use evident as often as you can for the next week. Force your brain to think of ways to use this word in everyday conversation.

Tweet me your sentences!

Writing Etiquette

When writing your next letter, email or text, try not to use the word “like” in reference.

Don’t Say: “I am very tired of this job, like, I need to do something else.”

Do say:            “I am very tired of this job. I need a new one.”

Some of us have grown accustomed to saying “like” during speech as well. “Like” is understood better when used correctly.

Example: “I feel like singing out loud!”

Not: “I was turning the corner and this guy like, hit me!” Either the guy hit you or he did not hit you.

Do Not Use Abbreviations

Do not use abbreviations such as (u, b4,ty, ttyl, etc.) in an email. Why? Because it looks tacky. Email is not a text message. Give the person you are writing the respect and time they deserve. Use whole words and nice closings, they will love you for it!

Do this:

Dear Jan,

Thank you for the cake. It was delicious! Call me before you leave work. Talk to you soon!

Thanks again,


Not this:

Hey J,

Ty 4 the cake. Yummy! Call me b4 u leave. Ttyl.


Which sounds better to you?

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